Proposals to Enhance Export Controls Regime Operations

Closed 14 Sep 2022

Opened 11 Aug 2022


The Export Controls regime controls the export of strategic and certain other military end-use goods and technology, in line with Aotearoa New Zealand’s domestic and international obligations and commitments.

An independent review of the Export Controls regime, delivered in July 2021, found that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has administered the Export Control system consistent with its underlying intent and legislation. The review report also made a suite of recommendations on improvements to the design and implementation of the system, which the Ministry has committed to implementing.

This consultation covers proposals to clarify the purpose of the Export Controls regime, revise the criteria used to assess export applications, and enhance transparency of the Export Controls regime’s operations.

A pdf of the public consultation document is available here.

Why your views matter

Have your say to ensure your views are considered. In what is likely to be an increasingly challenging future, it is more important than ever that Aotearoa New Zealand has a fit for purpose Export Controls regime. Participation from exporters, universities and researchers, civil society, and Māori, including iwi and hapū as Treaty partners is encouraged. Your contributions are integral to this significant work.

What happens next

Following the consultation period, the Ministry will analyse feedback. This analysis will be used to consider whether changes to the proposals are needed. It is intended that implementation of the operational policy changes will take place following finalisation of the proposals later in 2022. We plan to release a summary of the consultation feedback at this point. If the Ministry receives feedback that is outside of the consultation scope, it will be noted for consideration in future policy processes as relevant.